Deze song is zelfs op een echte Vinyl-Langspeelplaat uitgebracht!

Het liedje gaat over een bijlmoordenaar die de stad onveilig maakt.

Klik hier om het nummer als mp3 te downloaden! (3,5 mb)

De tekst:

Have you ever heard about the man who had a knife
have you heard about the man who killed all girls in town?
He is famous and he is wanted
He does the things he does at day or in the dark at night

A real axemurderer is in our town
run away now run run
before he's down
He is mad, a lunatic, he's insane
but don't you try to fight with him
'cause then you'll make a real mistake

Have you ever heard a crying scream that split the night?
Did you think about the girl who lost the unfair fight?
She is desperate and she is frightened
She's punished ultimate for walking in the park at night