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You’ve been practising Latin words to the point where you can recite the whole list with your eyes closed: rosa=rose, bellum=war, terra=ground. You feel like the fastest gun in the West: As soon as you see a word, your neurons fire like a bullet and the translation effortlessly flows out of your mouth. Now you just have to take the test—time to find out whether your pen can keep up with your superior brain.

1. “rosae”

Never heard of it.

2. “bella”

Trick question.

3. “terris”

Terris no such word! These aren’t the words you practised! If only there was an app which would have prepared you for this and is completely free and works perfectly and is easy to understand and use and looks great too.

With Latinista you can learn to recognise Latin words with all case endings (not only the nominative singular). You repeatedly get shown a word, of which you have to provide the correct cases.

Certain hints (nominative singular, gender, definition) can be displayed. Except in test mode, where you receive a score at the end of your session.

Over 500 words have been added by a Latin teacher. Using a guide on this website you can add additional words yourself. These lists can be shared with ease, so that teachers can make wordlists and share them with their students. You can select yourself which lists and cases you want to practise.

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