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Latinista has some options that can be toggled.

Select the 'Info' button and then press a check box or button to see its description.

Deselect the 'Info' button to leave this description mode.


Most options are self-explanatory. The more complex options are clarified below:

1. Place acc second

2. Simple adjectives

3. Always show answers

4. Import lists

The option Place acc second will change the order of cases to the order that is commonly used in some countries, for example Britain, France and Belgium.



An example of this alternative order of cases is the famous song 'Rosa' by Jaques Brel.


In this song the vocative is recited immediately after the nominative, but as this case is (with a few exceptions) identical to the nominative, most modern textbooks no longer treat the vocative as a separate case.

When the option Simple adjectives is selected, the gender of adjectives will not be asked and the number of possible cases wil be 10 instead of 30.

This option is turned off by default, but you can check this box if you want to trade comprehensiveness for speed.

Examples are shown in the screenshots below.


This is the worst case scenario (pun intended) in the default setting.

'bonis' is dative and ablative plural in all genders, so you will have to press at least 9 buttons to give the complete answer...

... but with Simple adjectives checked, you only need three buttons: the two cases and Check answer.

Some case endings are exclusive to one gender. In those instances it doesn't matter whether you toggle Simple adjectives on or off...

...but sometimes a case ending in one gender signifies a different case than the same ending in another gender.

For example: 'bona' is nominative & ablative singular feminine, but also nominative & accusative plural neuter.

In these instances a gender will be shown in yellow and you have to select the cases for that gender.

The option Always show answers comes in handy when you want to quickly practice in thought without having to press the cases all the time. The gif below shows how this works:


When this option is selected, the answers are shown as soon as you press Next word or Next case.

When you press the same button a second time, a new word or case will be given as promised.

With this method you can practise endlessly by using only one button.

Very handy if you want to train your declensions while riding a bike, sword fighting or playing the trumpet!

For the option Import lists we have made a separate page which you will find here.