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Tap 'Select lists' to choose (a list of ) words to train. Multiple lists can be selected simultaneously.

To remove a list from your current training set, tap 'Deselect lists'.

Now we can start training!

First select the case of the given word and then 'Check answer'.

If your answer is correct:

-the given word changes to the colour green and the gender and translation will appear.

-the selected tile becomes green and the other tiles are filled with the rest of the cases of the given word.

-Now you can choose to train the same word in a new case or to start with a completely new word.

If the given word changes to the colour orange, your answer is not yet complete: you have to select another case!
Now you're getting the hang of it.

If you have selected an incorrect case together with the right cases....

...the given word and the incorrect tile change to the colour red.

Try again with a new word or case!

If you have selected so many incorrect tiles that only the right ones are left...
... the word and tiles become red as well and your current attempt has failed. Onwards to the next task!

Pay special attention to adjectives:

You have to select the right cases for every gender using the m, f, n buttons.

Now it's all bonus!